The search for the elixir of youth goes back to our ancestors from the ancient Egypt to the present day. This search is born from the desire of human beings to stay alive along time. In today’s world aging refers to a stereotype of youthful and healthy appearance, a reason why the pharmaceutical industry has focused its research and efforts over the years on achieving products that help to conquer this state of aging.

The first visible signs of aging are manifested on the skin through expression lines, spots, loss of vigor, among others. Many studies have shown that a large determinant factor of premature aging is the formation of free radicals which are formed through processes that are secondary to the metabolism of food intake, as well as the unprotected sun exposure, pollution of the environment, cigarette smoking, etc. These free radicals attack the skin collagen and elastin as well as to the cellular DNA, also altering their production.1

The compounds counteracting this oxidative stress are known as “antioxidants”, which have become that modern “elixir of life”, as it has been shown that they help to slow aging through the neutralization of free radicals protecting the skin against cell damage as a result.

Due to all the above, Novaderma Laboratorios developed the RESVENOVA® System, which features a leading edge technology in the transport of its components so that they can act directly counteracting the causes of premature aging. The RESVENOVA® System provides peptides, antioxidants and moisturizing agents, which manage to protect the skin and the cellular genetic material, giving the skin a look of 10 years younger .2


  • REACTIVATES your skin natural processes, thanks to Resvenova® Serum.
  • RESTORES the natural processes of hydration, with Resvenova® Ultra-Hydrating Fluid.
  • REPAIRS damages caused by different environmental factors, with Resvenova® Cream.
  • RENEWS the health and appearance of your skin and annexes with Resvenova® Capsules.



Where can you get our Resvenova® System?

Our Resvenova® System is composed of: Resvenova® Serum, Resvenova® Ultra-Hydrating Fluid, Resvenova® Cream and Resvenova® Capsules, and you can also find them in all chain drugstores and skin care stores nationwide.



1 – Saludpr.com: “Radicales libres, amigos del envejecimiento”-Dra. Silvia Jiménez.
2 – Vitasource, innovative active ingredient wich delays senescence.Provital Group (2011)


According to official figures from the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), more than 115 million of vertebrate animals are used annually in testing for cosmetics, household cleaners and other mass consuming products worldwide. In general, rodents and rabbits are the most widely used due to their easiness of management and reproduction, especially for their low cost to maintain them. However evidences can be found in dogs, cats, sheep, monkeys and even horses, which increases animal sufferings caused by large companies that perform this type of practice.

According to the latest available statistics, more than 12 million animals are used in the European Union for this kind of research, which adds up to 137 animals suffering cruel and painful experiments every 10 minutes. According to PETA Latino, where it is estimated that the following are the ten countries where most animals for experiments are used: the United States, Japan, China, Australia, France, Canada, UK, Germany, Taiwan and Brazil.

It is for this reason that Laboratorios Novaderma, committed not only with its customers but also with the environment, has ensured that the active ingredients used in its products are not tested on animals, as it is the case of Sunaid Sport, a product that features an innovative formulation tested and proven under the standards of patents certified by their suppliers. For this purpose we assure that suppliers of our raw materials and inputs display an ethical and free behavior towards animal cruelty.

Thus, Laboratorios Novaderma guarantees products that are environmental friendly and free of animal experiments, so as to offer our customers products with high standards of quality and safety.

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